created  JIM MORRISON THE LIZARD KING 

                       "Lizard King" by Big Pimpin' Cycles
                                  Hoodlum Projects
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About me:
I am Brian Hubbs the Owner / Sole Proprietor of Big Pimpin' Cycles Since February 2012.


I have always had passion for fast cars & hot bikes since I was a kid. Growing up I always hot
rodded whatever I owned from bicycles to go carts to cars to motorcycles, which put me at
different levels than others ! I never wanted "stock" or cookie cutter anything ! I always had to be different. Back in the early 80's I started wrenching on bikes & cars making them faster &
different. Then got married in 2000, Jumping to 2005 as a welder/Ironworker my divorce put me into a tailspin and needed my need for speed & creativity back for my Sanity .So I picked up a 1985 Harley FXR and re-did that bike from frame up including learning to paint and nailing a phenomenal HOK candy crystalized paint job ! People Loved it !!!!! Right there I said to myself "THE KID IS BACK" !!!! So thru the years I started self teaching thru experiment , videos and a friends advice how to do different techniques in Laquer painting. In February of 2012 I opened Big Pimpin' Cycles working out of my garage doing repairs & paint work. The harley project was quite expensive so in spring of 2013 I decided to pick up a metric and start a bobber project for publicity which is now known as"Lizard King" now.

1983 CB 650 SC Nighthawk Shaft drive 6 speed
Purchased for $250 not running ( the price was right)

All modifacations was done by me in house one-off except grips & mimors

Rigid Hard tail hand bent tubing, mig welded
Frame paint > satin black epoxy
Rear fender > chopped 6" flat used harley fender
Rear tire > V-rubber 130/90/16 tour/sport
Front tire > Durotour 110/90/19
Gas Tank> Modified used Harley sportster peanut
Gas cap > Modifred in house out of a 70's brass belt buckle
Handlebars > In house fabricated one off
Front forks > Modified Stock
Ignition > Accel super coils
Wires > 8mm Accel
Exhaust > custom bent in house one offdouble barrel shotguns
License plate bracket > Custom made in house one off out of a SBC connecting rod

Tail light > Custom made in house one off made out of a surplus grenade and led lighting
Foward control brakets > Modified in house- Bro's manufacturing cb750 kit
Foot Pegs > In house one off Modified old school "rat trap" bicycle pedals
Battery box > in house one offout of sheet brass
Shift Rod > in house one offtwisted 3/8" brass stock
Shifter Peg > in house modified 45 Long Colt hollow point ( Thanks Vic )
Brake rods > in house one off twisted 3/8" brass stock
Headlight > bucket modified stock CB750 Trim >Surplus from a 70's Karmin gia
Headlight brackets > In house fabricated One-Off
Grips > hand tooled leather Custom ordered from" Deadhorse Custom Leather"
Seat > In House one off designed,cut, stainless trim over steel pan,
Leather wrapping : ( seat, speedo, reservoir covers ) in house wrapped & laced one off
Brass accents : In house whatever I could make work from hardware store
Motor > stock lower ported & polished head
Carbs > Sigma jet kit, other modifacations for ramping, in house custom painted
Air cleaners > 54mm pods
Paint > In House > Rootbeer Candy over silver nugget base, with .15 hex gold flake, 24k gold
margarita lime laced accents, HOK Urethane show clear.

My personal favorite Mods are all of them , I had such a great time blowing my facebook fans
away with update pics !

Along with expressing my talent in Art & fabrication is my love for good old school rock.
Such as the Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, ect So I created Hoodlum Projects which is based on the
"27" club and other musicians . So Jim Morrison is done " Lizard King" now for the next.


Jimi Hendrix " Voodoo Child"
1978 KZ 750 Twin B
Rigid , streched 5",43 deg. Rake, twisted chrome springer fronend In Progress



Art appreciated, blown away by the talent and detail that went into this build . Can wait to see
progress pics on the new build. Huge turn out for pats on the back !!!!

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